Yesterday was Canadian thanksgiving and I have so much to be thankful for this year.

Incredible family. The most amazing friends. Gorgeous food to eat. My perfect bicycle. The Internet. The ability to talk to beautiful people all over the world. The School of Life Design. My perfect yoga mat. A great place to live. The arts community. A healthy body. Dancing. Singing. Tea. My local comic shop. Sunflowers. Feeling the vibration. Meditation. BBC Radio One. BBC Radio Wales. Stationery shopping. Companies that truly value and listen to their customers. Zombie movies. Vacation planning. Dreaming big. Becoming a regular at favourite places. Art galleries. Stepping out of my comfort zone. Crayons. Apple cider. Naps. Cute boys. Cats. New sketchbooks. Thrift stores. Collaboration. Massages. Glitter. Broken in shoes. New haircut day. High fives. Playing with children. Exceeding expectations. Mix tapes. Group hugs. Rereading favourite childhood books. Fatshion. Creating. Manifesting. Discovering the magic.

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