There was some chat recently at the School of Life Design about morning routines. Taking a look at my own morning and evening routines I saw I was in dire need of a change up!

A typical "work day" for me looks a little something like this: set my alarm for 7am, hit snooze til 7:30, rush to get ready and run out the door at 8 for work. I'd leave for home at 5 and do a lot of sitting around until I finally decide to get my pjs on (usually around 1am) and watch tv til 2-2:30am.

This was not working for me! But somehow I convinced myself that it was. I'd feel sluggish all day and not want to do anything when I got home. I was in the slump of all slumps.

I have decided that I needed to tweak my daily routines to maximize my awesomeness!
I started my new routine this morning!

New Rituals for Morning
6:00am  - Wake Up.
              -  Drink water, practice yoga.
6:30am  - Shower, brush teeth, get dressed and ready for the day.
7:30am  - Meditate on affirmations.
              - Have tea.
8:00am  - Go to work relaxed and fresh.


New Rituals for Evening
5:00pm  - Leave work.
5:30pm  - Have dinner.
7:00pm  - Take a walk.
------------ free time
11:00pm - Wash face, brush teeth, floss.
11:30pm - Write gratitudes, meditate.
12:00am - Sleep!

 I am so excited about this!

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