Corny as it sounds: believe it = be it

The magic of asking for what you want now has a sequel.

It may sound cliche but it is definitely true that if you can believe in yourself, you can surpass even your own expectations.

If you know me at all you know I AM NOT A DANCER. I enjoy going to clubs, but end up swaying awkwardly around while the rest of the group seems to get possessed by the music. I love being in musicals, but dance auditions were the bane of my existence...


June 3rd I had a dance audition for White Christmas. Two in fact. One tap and one jazz. I'd usually be a bundle of nerves for a few days leading up to it, but this year felt different.

As I hit the stage the one thought in my mind was "I got this!" and I totally did.

While I didn't turn out a So You Think You Can Dance performance, it was honestly the best dance audition I'd ever had. Simply by telling myself "not to worry, you will do it".

Confident thought translated to confident action.

Confident action scored me a spot in the chorus. Chorus = BIG DANCE NUMBERS.


I'm telling you people! The magic works!


That was seriously the best dance audition I've ever had! It's so much easier to dance once you tell yourself you can do it. I actually had no nerves and thought "I got this" as I hit the stage and I totally did! Believe it = be it!

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