11 things on the 11th: November 2013

1. Eating leftover 'fun sized' Baby Ruths. Not having a lot of kids come by on Halloween has its perks.

2. Drinking coconut water with jelly.

3. Craving broccoli with cheese sauce. Odd.

4. Reading the World Vision gift catalogue.

5. Listening to Haim.

6. Watching Come Dine With Me.

7. Surfing lifehacker.com

8. Wearing my PJs! And I put them on at 6:30!

9. Making a list of Christmas gift ideas. 

10. Noticing that the musical I am in (the reason for lack of posts lately) opens next week. WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!

11. Lusting after this Vivienne Westwood coat. GIMME.


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