11 things on the 11th: March 2013

The 11 things I am doing on February 11th 2013:

Eating a piece of Lindt Excellence Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate.
Drinking green tea.
Craving chocolate covered potato chips.
Reading a bunch of digital magazines I got FREE on my iPad thanks to my new library card.
Listening to the first day's entry in the 21-day Meditation Challenge.
Watching a really annoying couple on 'Love it or List it'.
Surfing GalaDarling.com -- I've been on a mission to work my way through the entire blog from the very first entry.
Wearing black rubber boots with pink & purple flowers on them.
Making faces at my niece.
Noticing that it feels like spring is right around the corner!
Lusting after these Hot Pink Sequined Minnie Mouse Ears.

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