Below the Line: Day 0

Shopping day!

After scouting the stores, scouring the flyers, and hours of working and re-working spreadsheets of ideas I took my trusty owl coin purse, fed him $8.75, and hit the town.


All my planning seemed to pay off. I only had 3 minor freak-outs.

  1. I forgot that merchants now round the change you get (or don't get) to the nearest $0.05 so I was down one cent after my very first stop. After a mini panic, I checked my notebook and was relieved to see that all my other items were round numbers.
  2. Shopping for lemons, the price on the signs were not the price I had written in my notebook. In a mini panic I ran to the front of the store to get a flyer and was relieved to see that the sale price I had written was correct.
  3. As I went to grab my pitas I couldn't find the ones listed in the sale flyer. All I could see was ones that cost $1 more. After a mini panic, I found the proper pitas off by themselves.

After I was finished shopping I had a whopping $0.45 left over so I decided to hit the bulk food store to see if anything else jumped out at me. Boy did it ever! I found single teabags for an amazing price so I nabbed 3 for $0.25!

Here's my beautiful haul:


I managed to pick up 10lbs of potatoes for $2, a dozen eggs for $2.50, 6 pitas for $1, one lemon for $0.33, imitation crab for $1, 3lbs of carrots for $1.47 and 3 tea bags $0.25. This brings my total to $8.55, leaving me a whopping $0.20 left over. 

According to the official rules you can work out the 'per gram' price of spices and use them without having to factor in buying whole new bags of salt etc. These extra pennies will go to good use, giving my food a little something extra, and saving me from eating a plain potato for dinner every night.

Before I crawl into bed tonight I'll be making yet another spreadsheet- working out how to best spread out my food so it lasts the 5 days and to keep the value from going over $1.75 per day.

Although I cannot accept donations of food, I am raising money for SPREAD THE NET which is all about getting mosquito nets where they are most needed in order help end preventable malaria deaths. View my sponsorship page HERE.

Wish me luck! It all starts tommorow!

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