11 things on the 11th: August 2013

1. Eating no sugar, whole-wheat flour peanut butter cookies. They are actually so good.

2. Drinking water. Exciting!

3. Craving nachos and cheese after driving by a neat looking nacho bar last night.

4. Reading The Simple Things magazine.

5. Listening to CHVRCHES.

6. Watching a lot of PBS lately.

7. Surfing the plus-size section of ModCloth. I need to win the lottery, like, yesterday.

8. Wearing double denim (vest and pants). Becoming a habit...

9. Making my packing list for Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za. 

10. Noticing that I have a lot to do this week!

11. Lusting after… HOLY CRAP THIS DRESS.


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