The Mosquito Experiments #2: Hot Spoon

This was the other most popular home remedy I saw around on Pinterest and I had a few people send me messages to try it out.

The basic idea is putting a metal spoon into hot water and then pressing it against the bite. It's supposed to do something like neutralize the venom in the bite and stop it from itching... or something like that... 

Ease of use: 3.5/5

I had a hard time finding a happy medium between not hot enough to work and OH GOD IT BURNS. Or maybe I wasn't holding the ones I thought weren't hot enough on to the bite long enough. 

Cleanliness: 5/5

No mess at all. 

Effectiveness: 5/5 

Even though I think I was doing it wrong, the super "I just burned my leg" ones definitely worked. At first I thought -  oh yeah, the only reason you aren't itchy is because you are in pain, but now it's 27 hours later and the 2 bites I hit with the super hot spoon have yet to start itching again.

I'll definitely keep experimenting, with a less masochistic temperature. 


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