Hearts of the Month: September 2014

A monthly round-up of things I loved.

Fashion: Superhero Shoes I'll take a pair of each please.

Website: Heal Yourself, Skeletor So sad they're not updating anymore but the archives are GREAT.

FLAWLESSNESS: PLEASE HELP ME BEYONCE. You're going to want to bookmark this.

MORE BEYONCENESS: Soundbordt. You know what? Just make this your homepage.

ZOMBEYONCE?: Survivor. Beyonce vs Zombies. Bey song quotes given new meaning with cartoon zombies. SO SO GOOD.

AWESOMENESS: If The Moon Were Only 1 PixelJust keep scrolling. Totally worth it.

WISHLIST ITEM: It's A Sarlacc In Your Toilet. It's A Sarlacc In Your Toilet.  

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