11 things on the 11th: February 2014

1. Eating chocolate covered coconut cubes.

2. Drinking cold green tea.

3. Craving movie theatre nachos.

4. Reading through my backlog of magazines I have on my iPad.

5. Listening to the few tracks I got when I pre-ordered Saint Vincent's album on iTunes. SO GOOD.

6. Watching Adventure Time. Finally caught up on this season!

7. Surfing a lot of Pinterest these days. Drooling over home decor ideas.

8. Wearing my blue hair proudly. It's my 2 month blue-hairiversary .

9. Making a mess.

10. Feeling excited for the local TEDx event I'm going to on Thursday! 

11. Lusting after this shower curtain. Is it weird to feel so strongly about a shower curtain?

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