GratiTuesday #2

Finding the positives in every day. 

Tuesday February 17, 2015 - A great mail day! Got some amazing goodies from The Tiny Hobo and the "Gamer Nouveau" t-shirt from TeeFury.

I spy my uniform for this year's Extra Life marathon!

I spy my uniform for this year's Extra Life marathon!

Wednesday February 18, 2015 - One of my favourite artists, James Hance, had an insane sale. He would list an original piece of art on his Facebook page and the first person to message him would get it for $100. !!! The first thing he posted at 9am this morning was a framed 10x12 graphite/watercolour/watercolour pencil piece of Adam West's Batman. Since I'm posting about it right now, I think you can guess who nabbed it! I told him I'd love to have it if he was able to ship to Canada and he said yes- for $5! FIVE DOLLARS! For a FRAMED piece! $105 total for a framed original!!! Losing my mind!!! 



Thursday February 19, 2015 - Had a great Steel Magnolias rehearsal at thr coffee shop. I'm working my way through all the specialty lattes, haha! The Great Northern (maple syrup latte) was SO GOOD. When I got home, I got myself completely caught up on Sailor Moon Crystal. I think it's the only show I am  up to date on right now!

Friday February 20, 2015 - Game night! Is there anything better than having some drinks with friends and playing some games? Many, many laughs were had.

Saturday February 21, 2015 - Turkey pot pie. Enough said. (Thanks dad!)

Sunday February 22, 2015 - We had a "social night" for Steel Magnolias so the cast could get to know each other. Great ladies, great wine, great food, great rehearsal. I also caught the tail end of the Oscars, so I got to to see this...

Monday February 23, 2015 - I managed to secure the donation for a project that I was hoping for & found out that two of my favourite comedians, Debra DiGiovanni & Mark Forward, are coming to town!

Great week!

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