GratiTuesday #9 & #10

Finding the positives in every day. 

April 7 - April 13

MY JAMES HANCE ORIGINAL OF ADAM WEST BATMAN ARRIVED. It is so glorious. I'm going to hang it on my comic book originals/prints art wall but I sort of want to put it somewhere like... my bedroom. Or keep it in my bag. So I can look at it constantly. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Speaking of, my love for the Twitch show Critical Role (from the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel) continues to grow wildly. When I explain what it is to people, the general response is "... how is that entertaining?" but trust me you guys! It is! It's a weekly live stream of a game of Dungeons & Dragons played by 9 insanely talented voice actors. Stop. I can hear your eyes rolling from here. I PROMISE YOU IT IS SO GOOD. If you ever wanted a masterclass on storytelling or character building, this is it. Also, they've started playing Just Dance after the main episode and it was so funny to watch I ended up on the stream til 2am. On Friday I saw a production of the Rocky Horror Show. I'd never seen the stage version and a guy I knew from a musical we were both in a few years ago was playing Frank so I went tot check it out. HOLY CRAP it was AMAZING. Also there was a themed cocktail. The Sweet Transvestite was delish. Saturday my sister, niece and I all wore Captain Marvel shirts to take part in the Geek Walk 5k (which started with a hilarious 0.5k for all the geeks not used to physical activity. There was even a couch set up halfway through.) and that evening was Meeting #1 for AVENGERS CLUB. I set up Avengers Club as a weekly double feature screening of Marvel movies to prepare for AGE OF ULTRON! Meeting #1 included Iron Man & Thor, skipping Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk... Since it was also International Table Top Day we played some Boss Monster and Monty Python Fluxx during the films.


April 14 - April 20

Here's some awesome things that happened this week. Great Steel Magnolias rehearsals. Went to a Quarter Auction for the first time. Had a wine tasting for my sister's wedding wines. Played an awesome new game - Terra Mystica. I could talk about stuff like that. But really all I want to do is WATCH THE NEW STAR WARS TEASER AGAIN AND HOLY CRAP. It made me cry. At work. Awkward.

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