11 things on the 11th: September 2015

1. Eating instant steel-cut oatmeal. How exciting!

2. Drinking green tea. As I do every day.

3. Craving a mixed combo plate from the new kebab place in town. It is just SO GOOD & perfect for my indecisiveness.

4. Reading this month's book club book - Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire.

5. Listening to a LOT of Spotify playlists, getting inspiration for my own Autumn Mix.

6. Watching the Great British Bake Off! The only show I care about right now.

7. Surfing Pinterest for some new autumn/Halloween decorating ideas. (& collecting them HERE)

8. Wearing a new-to-me plaid shirt that I scored at a friend's clothing swap last night.

9. Making some finishing touches on things for my sister's bridal shower tomorrow!

10. Feeling excited (& a tad overwhelmed) that I have fun things planned for the next 10 weekends straight!

11. Lusting after this app-controlled BB8 droid. OH MAN. Starting my letter to Santa... now.

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