Favourite Films Watched in 2015

Update March 2, 2016: Remember that time I started writing a blog post in January then completely forgot about it? Whoops! I just found this sucker in my drafts folder. It looks like I had the intention of writing a little blurb about each film but only finished one and barely started another. So, hilariously it's a little top 5 list where I take a break in the middle to ramble about Magic Mike XXL. Why delete when I can share THAT with the world? Hitting publish... Now. 


Well 2015 brought the second fail year in a row of keeping track of my new-to-me movie watching, HOWEVER I would still love to share my 5 favourite movies I saw.  And (for the first time?) all of my favourites were movies that actually came out in 2015.

5. Inside Out

4. Spy - This movie was not at all how it appears in the trailers. It wasn't the usual "plus size woman is a bumbling simpleton that is the butt of a million fat jokes" but instead "plus size woman is underrated but is a totally capable badass". 

3. Magic Mike XXL - This movie is a masterpiece. STAY WITH ME NOW. It's basically a buddy road trip movie but all the buddies are "male entertainers" and they're road tripping to the big stripper convention. I'll let that sink in for a minute... BUT it's also an extremely positive portrayal of female sexuality and shows so many varied types of women. It is SO REFRESHING to see fat women in roles like this - and I say roles with an S because there are MANY plus sized women to be found. Fat women getting all sexy danced on by hot dudes and NOT ONE FAT JOKE IS MADE IN THIS MOVIE. While there are absolutely zero stakes to anything happening in this movie, and the lead actress is by far the least interesting character, this movie just makes me SO HAPPY YOU GUYS. 

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