27 before 27: Go to a ballet


On Sunday I got to cross another item off my 27 things before I turn 27 list.

I saw the State Ballet Theatre of Russia's presentation of Nutcracker.

It was beautiful! The insane amount of power and strength these dancers have while appearing effortless and graceful was really something to behold.

 Really there were only 2 minor things I disliked about my experience.

  1. Unlike in the video above, there was only one follow spot and the operator wasn't very on top of capturing the action as it was happening.
  2. Near the beginning of the second act a large pearl -like bead fell off of a dancer's costume and stayed on the stage for the remainder of the show. Anytime anyone danced near it, it was all I could focus on - worrying that someone would step on it or slip or something. So tense! So many heart palpitations!

I loved seeing all the little girls in tutus that came to see the show. There were even some little boys who seemed to really enjoy themselves too.

It was a great afternoon seeing the show, and I'll definitely be checking out another ballet in the future.

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