Entering the 27th.

Today is my 26th birthday. Twenty Six. 2-6. It feels so much bigger than 25 somehow.

Today I start off on my 27th trip around the sun.

I have an amazing magical feeling about it already.

Taking inspiration from one of my favourite blogs, Yes and Yes, I've compiled a list of 27 things I want to complete before I turn 27!

1. Get a matching tattoo with my sisters (ok, kind of a cheat - I'm doing this later today!)
2. Go seed bombing
3. Get in an ocean
4. See a van Gogh painting or drawing in person
5. Play paintball
6. Attend a murder mystery
7. Write a business plan
8. Make a terrarium
9. Join the YMCA
10. Make cheese
11. Eat in the dark
12. Cook through an entire cookbook
13. Play Munchkin
14. Write a fan letter
15. Go to a ballet
16. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy
17. Go to a drive in movie
18. See a Shakespearian play on stage
19. Complete couch to 5k
20. Listen to every song by Queen
21. Go geocaching
22. Make a stop-motion film
23. Be able to recite a Poe poem by heart
24. Audition for a play (not musical!)
25. Get a bra fitting
26. Play Dungeons and Dragons
27. Have a piece of art in a gallery

Completed: 20/27

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