Wish I Was Wearing Wednesday: Mercury

If you know me at all you know how much I love dressing up, so it's no surprise that as I waited out the 2 1/2 hour process of getting my hair bleached and blued, my mind wandered to the glorious options now open to me for COSPLAYING.

I have a love/hate relationship with wigs. I LOVE them most of the time, but wearing them at conventions, especially in the summer, makes my head itchy and hot and makes me generally irritated.

I thought of how much my Ramona Flowers costume a few years back would have looked with my new hair.

Then I thought SAILOR MERCURY! I have recently started re-watching the Sailor Moon anime from the beginning and a few months ago I picked up my first Sailor Moon manga so the Sailor Scouts were fresh in my mind.

I like this little Disneybound-style outfit so much I may actually try to put it together for myself as a casual convention option for the future!

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