Brown Paper Baggin' It: Pull List in Review

A year ago, over on my old blog I wrote a post outlining all the series I was currently reading, stopped reading and was thinking of dropping. I thought it may be fun (well for me at least hah!) to look back and see what has changed or not one year later.

Of the 8 series I was subscribed to then, I am only subscribed to Avenging Spider-Man and Deadpool. Amazing Spider-Man and BPRD Hell on Earth: The Long Death have since ended and I dropped Batwoman, Journey into Mystery (after Kieron Gillan's Kid Loki story was over), Wolverine & the X-Men & Wonder Woman. I also stopped buying both Animal Man and Swamp Thing on my phone.

Last February I was considering subscribing to 9 other titles and of those right now I am only subscribed to Adventure Time.

Here's what my current pull lists consist of:

Subscribed titles:

  1. Adventure Time (BOOM! Studios)
  2. Avengers Assemble (Marvel Comics)
  3. Avenging Spider-Man (Marvel Comics)
  4. Captain Marvel (Marvel Comics)
  5. Deadpool (Marvel Comics)
  6. The Fearless Defenders (Marvel Comics)
  7. Hellboy in Hell (Dark Horse)
  8. Young Avengers (Marvel Comics)
  9. Deadpool Killustrated (mini-series) (Marvel Comics)
  10. Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake (mini-series) (BOOM! Studios)

I also read the comic Saga (Image Comics) digitally on my iPad mini. Not only am I completely LOVING the series, I am loving using my iPad to read it. I can see switching many of my titles over to the digital format. The "guided view" way the comic apps take you panel by panel through the story is perfect for me, who has many times lost out on the surprise moments when my eyes skipped ahead across the page before they were supposed to.

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