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Hearts of the Month: February 2015

A monthly round-up of things I loved.

HOW TO: Andy Warhol and 6 Ways To Create Your Own Artistic Community. I LOVE this. L-O-V-E. Reading this got me SO FIRED UP! I need to find my Factory!

WORDS OF WISDOM: Dolly Parton’s Tip for Meeting People: Way Existential. Probably the best advice I have ever heard. I want to print this out and hang it on my wall, keep a copy in my bag, tape it to the fridge... COSMIC!

Currently trying to figure out if I can convert my whole basement into a ball pit...

COMPANY: NatureBox. Review and UnBoxing blog post to come, but let's just say.... They are a GAMECHANGER.

ADVICE: How To Be a High Vibe Friend. One of my main goals in life. Needs improvement. This post helped.

ARTICLE: ESSENTIALS FOR A MAGICAL TROPICAL GETAWAY. I am dreaming of the warmth of the sun and missing the Bahamas. This article made me so excited for summertime that I started a new, secret Pinterest board for planning imaginary beach vacations.

GIVE ME ALL OF THE HASHBROWNS. Is it bad that I sort of want to wrangle someone into doing this with me?

Hearts of the Month: January 2015

A monthly round-up of things I loved.

ART: Fathers, Be Good to Your Daughters. Hint: It's an awesome piece of Guardians of the Galaxy art by Dan Hipp!

SPORTS: Lotus Pose on Two. I'm not big on American Football, and I didn't closely watch the Superbowl on Sunday, but if I was to pick a favourite football team it would be the Seattle Seahawks so I was rooting for them this weekend. It's all because of this article I read a while back. So cool!

ARTICLE: The Keeper of Frivolous Memories. I. LOVE. THIS. This article really speaks to me.

Hearts of the Month: February 2014

Hearts of the Month: January 2014

Hearts of the Month: September

A monthly round-up of things I loved looking at.

Article: Guys with Fancy Lady Hair -- This. Is. Awesome.

Art: How-To: Rust-Oleum NeverWet Sidewalk Art -- OMG! I need to get some of this!

VideoLisa Frank's First On-Camera Interview!!


Event: Oregon Trail Live -- This sounds hilarious! Wish I could have gone! 

Hearts of the Month: August

 A monthly round-up of things I loved looking at.

Movie: The World's End (check my enlightening review HERE)

Website: Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator  - I was seriously cackling. Favourite? Snorkeldink Creamsicle

Web Video: 10 best lifehacks for living alone 

Web Video: Bitchy Resting Face

Hearts of the Month: July

Hearts of the Month: March & April

VIDEO: this bad Lip Reading of The Amazing Spider-Man makes me cry with laughter EVERY TIME.

VIDEO: 6 year old "B-Girl Terra" has insane skills

VIDEO - this 9 year old contemplating the universe and meaning of life is just awesome.  AMAZING.

VIDEO: What happens when you get a cat to compose the score a soap opera? Spoiler: it's hilariously appropriate.

VIDEO: Bastille is my favourite. This video is a neat look at how they go about building the elements for their songs. 

VIDEO: One of my favourite 'post-wisdom teeth extraction' videos to date. 

They were just trying to help me chew and I didn’t accept them.

VIDEO: It's a Rembrandt Flashmob. Need I say more? 

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