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11 things on the 11th: September 2015

1. Eating instant steel-cut oatmeal. How exciting!

2. Drinking green tea. As I do every day.

3. Craving a mixed combo plate from the new kebab place in town. It is just SO GOOD & perfect for my indecisiveness.

4. Reading this month's book club book - Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire.

5. Listening to a LOT of Spotify playlists, getting inspiration for my own Autumn Mix.

6. Watching the Great British Bake Off! The only show I care about right now.

7. Surfing Pinterest for some new autumn/Halloween decorating ideas. (& collecting them HERE)

8. Wearing a new-to-me plaid shirt that I scored at a friend's clothing swap last night.

9. Making some finishing touches on things for my sister's bridal shower tomorrow!

10. Feeling excited (& a tad overwhelmed) that I have fun things planned for the next 10 weekends straight!

11. Lusting after this app-controlled BB8 droid. OH MAN. Starting my letter to Santa... now.

11 things on the 11th: November 2014

1. Eating a tiny packet of peanut M&Ms leftover from Halloween.

2. Drinking the biggest glass of water I could find.



5. Listening to Taylor Swift's new album 1989 NON-STOP.

6. Watching The Chew. That is my kind of talk show.

7. Surfing Pinterest and getting more than a little excited about HOLIDAY PROJECTS!

8. Wearing a poppy for Remembrance Day & feeling grateful.

9. Making a list of people I need to get presents for.

10. Feeling uncomfortable from being stung by a bee on the inner thigh TWICE yesterday.

11. Lusting after SO MANY holiday party dresses on ModCloth.

11 things on the 11th: February 2014

1. Eating chocolate covered coconut cubes.

2. Drinking cold green tea.

3. Craving movie theatre nachos.

4. Reading through my backlog of magazines I have on my iPad.

5. Listening to the few tracks I got when I pre-ordered Saint Vincent's album on iTunes. SO GOOD.

6. Watching Adventure Time. Finally caught up on this season!

7. Surfing a lot of Pinterest these days. Drooling over home decor ideas.

8. Wearing my blue hair proudly. It's my 2 month blue-hairiversary .

9. Making a mess.

10. Feeling excited for the local TEDx event I'm going to on Thursday! 

11. Lusting after this shower curtain. Is it weird to feel so strongly about a shower curtain?

11 things on the 11th: November 2013

1. Eating leftover 'fun sized' Baby Ruths. Not having a lot of kids come by on Halloween has its perks.

2. Drinking coconut water with jelly.

3. Craving broccoli with cheese sauce. Odd.

4. Reading the World Vision gift catalogue.

5. Listening to Haim.

6. Watching Come Dine With Me.

7. Surfing

8. Wearing my PJs! And I put them on at 6:30!

9. Making a list of Christmas gift ideas. 

10. Noticing that the musical I am in (the reason for lack of posts lately) opens next week. WHERE DID THE TIME GO?!

11. Lusting after this Vivienne Westwood coat. GIMME.


11 things on the 11th: August 2013

1. Eating no sugar, whole-wheat flour peanut butter cookies. They are actually so good.

2. Drinking water. Exciting!

3. Craving nachos and cheese after driving by a neat looking nacho bar last night.

4. Reading The Simple Things magazine.

5. Listening to CHVRCHES.

6. Watching a lot of PBS lately.

7. Surfing the plus-size section of ModCloth. I need to win the lottery, like, yesterday.

8. Wearing double denim (vest and pants). Becoming a habit...

9. Making my packing list for Dawn-a-pa-Drew-za. 

10. Noticing that I have a lot to do this week!

11. Lusting after… HOLY CRAP THIS DRESS.


11 things on the 11th: July 2013

1. Eating all you can eat sushi.

2. Drinking green tea.

3. Craving something chocolate and peanut-buttery.

4. Reading (starting later tonight) The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman.

5. Listening to's single Bang Bang. It is SO GOOD.

6. Watching my guilty pleasure - Big Brother UK.

7. Surfing The Scrap Review and drooling over previews for all the new paper collections.

8. Wearing a strangely cut purple top with spikes on the shoulders. I can't decide if I like it or not...

9. Making plans for my birthday costume. 

10. Noticing that it's almost mid-July already!

11. Lusting after THIS DRESS OMG.


11 things on the 11th: May 2013

Eating Bugles.

Drinking fiji water.

Craving a nap, again.

Reading over the lyrics for the Cabaret show I have tonight.

Listening to the latest episode Harmontown.

Watching the last two episodes of season 2 of Girls, later tonight.

Surfing Facebook, hassling people about coming to the Cabaret show tonight.

Wearing my new necklace, hairband and shirt from Domino Dollhouse!

Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got… Yeah, sorry. 

Noticing that I need a sweater.

Lusting ....ummm...

11 things on the 11th: April 2013

Eating a cheese croissant.
Drinking green tea.
Craving a nap.
Reading the first compendium of The Walking Dead.
Listening to Greg James' show on BBC Radio 1.
Watching videos about Live Below the Line.
Surfing Pinterest for Live Below the Line blog entries and tips.
Wearing - oh lord - just realized I am wearing leopard print on my bottoms and top. Someone got dressed half asleep this morning.
Making post-it note lists of my upcoming rehearsals.
Noticing that Bill Cosby keeps popping up on my radar this week. It all started here.
Lusting after a 15 inch purple satchel.

11 things on the 11th: March 2013

The 11 things I am doing on February 11th 2013:

Eating a piece of Lindt Excellence Fleur de Sel Dark Chocolate.
Drinking green tea.
Craving chocolate covered potato chips.
Reading a bunch of digital magazines I got FREE on my iPad thanks to my new library card.
Listening to the first day's entry in the 21-day Meditation Challenge.
Watching a really annoying couple on 'Love it or List it'.
Surfing -- I've been on a mission to work my way through the entire blog from the very first entry.
Wearing black rubber boots with pink & purple flowers on them.
Making faces at my niece.
Noticing that it feels like spring is right around the corner!
Lusting after these Hot Pink Sequined Minnie Mouse Ears.

11 things on the 11th: February 2013

The 11 things I am doing on February 11th 2013:

Eating Kashi Fruit & Grain Dark Chocolate Coconut granola bar.
Drinking chocolate milk.
Craving movie theatre popcorn.
Reading Saga (issue #9).
Listening to the Harmontown podcast. Going back and catching up on all the episodes I've missed.
Watching Masterchef Australia: The Professionals.
Surfing Pinterest like a mad fool, searching for new seafood recipes.
Wearing Quo by ORLY nail polish in Bling it On, Philip Stein watch.
Making an epic to-do list.
Noticing the word COSMIC popping up a ton in my life. In the strangest places too. I'm loving it!
Lusting after this necklace.

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